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The Tallest Tree House- Lovely Meld of Story & Art from Elly MacKay

From the book descripton: Mip and Pip are two fairies who live in a beautiful forest near a waterfall. One day, Mip has a brilliant idea to build a tree house and decides to make it into a contest: whoever can build the tallest tree house the fastest wins! She's a Canadian author-illustrator, I bumped into her at Book Expo one year and she was just as lovely as her art.

What I love about this: Elly MacKay. I love her. She's a really interesting paper artist and she shares alot about her process on her instagram. Her work is beautiful and I keep forgetting to purchase a print for myself. (Note to self-get that done!)

"This sweet story is ideally illustrated in MacKay's signature, light-filled diorama style, set in an enchanted forest of gentle greens, yellows, pinks, and blues. A little drama, a trusty moral, and a happy ending make for a satisfying tale."―Booklist

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